Our Mission

Excellence through inclusion

Transforming the way that vulnerable pupils are taught by removing the barriers to achievement and providing new, creative and flexible personalised learning to enable pupils to achieve their full educational potential.

Meet the team

Professional, trusted and exceptional.

Patrick Divall

E-Learning Technical Support Officer

Nadia Saunders

E-Learning Teacher

Lindsey Edwards

E-Learning Teacher

Malcolm York

E-Learning Teacher

Donna Benfield

E-Learning Teacher

Mark Thornhill

E-Learning Teacher

Katy Harding

E-Learning Teacher

Cara Selby

Senior E-Learning Teacher

Trusted, secure and safe

Online safety forms a core part of our safeguarding policies.

We have clear processes to ensure that pupils are kept safe both in and outside our lessons. Pupils are only ever referred to by their first names and contact between pupils within lessons is regulated and monitored. No personal information is kept on the site and it is hosted by fully supported and protected servers.

Connecting and re-engaging

Supporting reintegration programs for pupils.

Learn-Smart is a short term solution when a full school package is not suitable.